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Power A Period.
Real Stories

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Your period is an emotional thing.


You know, pads are very expensive. If I would have never met Lynette. I would have had to like, literally fit it in my budget. I would have to get it. Maybe save couple of dollars just to get through that month.

'Cause sometimes you run out and it's frustrating. Some people can, might you know, don't have the money for it. They'll go to the corner store like hey, can I get a couple pads till payday? You know, a lot of people struggle.


Growing up my background was very rough. Having my period in placement, in Group homes, it was very tough. They won't even give you a pad. If they do give you a pad it don't even look like a pad and it's real skinny, and it's not so it's not...There's no support. There's no support. It looks like they just made it a pad...OK, this is what you're going to wear. So, I've been through it.


I learned about No More Secrets through my sister. She told me to sign up online. It was like through the website and then I thought it wasn't real. So when I when I peeked out the window, I seen her daughter first, so I'm like see, I knew she was lying to me. I was like I don't think it's real, and then I seen her take the bags out and I said. Oh my God, it is her. 


I wanted to cry. I was like my god, this is really real... and she's like you gonna make me cry because I know we're not going to cry...and then we just been in contact every since.

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Marcea & Imani


I never thought I wouldn't be able to buy my daughter the period supplies she needs.

I don't know what I would have done had The Spot not been here. When I did my research, it's the only business, you know, that deals with what they call “period poverty.”


My name is Marcia—born and raised in Philadelphia—more Philadelphian than the pretzel. Well, I just had heart surgery and I haven't been able to work. Life can change in a blink, blink of an eye. You know, and I never thought I would not be able to financially give my daughter pads. It makes me feel like such a loser...not to be able to—afford what she needs.


And I don't just mean food because you can get food anywhere. Nobody ever thinks about cycles. They think about food. They think about electricity. They think about, you know those kinds of things where there's always help. You can find resources, but you can't find a resource for your period.


There's no place except The Spot where you could go where someone can give you pads; someone can give you information. We need to make it a priority. It needs to be up on the list with food, with utilities, because it's just as important and it's just as consistent.




People feel as though you're not struggling because of the way you look.

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I’ve had people tell me, you know, that I look like I have money. And I'm like I struggle... You know, I struggle just like everybody else.

My name is Deborah. I am 46 years old, and I am from the Philadelphia area. I came out of work sick and um, I wasn't... I was—I was filling out and you know, for the disability, and it took me a minute before it go through. I just was just, like, scrolling through my phone or whatever, and I see the No More Secrets and you can fill out for it.


And I filled out for it, and they called me right back, and they were at my door the next day, and they were so pleasant. And they was like we have three months supply for you. You're going to be OK if there’s anything else that I can help you with, feel free to call us. They made me feel like family like they really... You know. And they've always been that way.


I have 3 girls. It's rough because one of them is 12 years old, and the other one is just turned 14. And both of them bleed extremely heavy. So we were going through a lot. If I had not been introduced to Lynette it. It would have been a struggle. I try to plan ahead, but sometimes, you know, bills or something can come in that kind of...You know, so it can be a little...overwhelming.


I have called places where I have needed help. And they look and they feel like, OK, you know you have a husband. You have—you know, they feel as though you're not struggling because of the way you look. My promise to myself is that I will get up and make myself get dressed every day to make myself feel good.


Because if I worry about the struggle it's going to pull me down. And that's what I'm not going to let happen.

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Sometimes I only have $10, and I need diapers and pads.


I have come down to that point where I had to choose between my child—buying my child what they need or buying my menstrual products.

And I will buy my child what they need instead of buying my menstrual products and use whatever I had in hand.


My name is Andrea. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Philadelphia, PA. A mother shouldn’t have to sit there and choose what’s important and what’s not important, you know. Because a lot of us don't have the money or the resources to get the feminine products we need. Sometimes we have $10 and we got buy pads or diapers. So we got to pick the diapers before we pick pads.


When I was young it was difficult. It was plenty of times where I had to stay home because I didn't have the right products to go to school with and I–I stayed home. Like, we tried to get through it. It was hard sometimes, especially being at school and being uncomfortable with a rag or a piece of toilet paper sent in between your legs.


I was looking for programs to help out with free hygiene products. I look into a lot of free organizations, and I came across Miss Lynette's profile. I called her. I put in my request. And she came.


The Spot helps out a lot as far with so much feminine products, not just only pads but body wash, soap, panties... It’s just a big help to our community. Especially with the young girls. 'cause that's who needs it most.

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