1 in 4 people with periods have missed school or work because they can’t afford the period products they need. And it’s happening right here, in Philadelphia. 

No More Secrets MBS, a 501c3 organization, is working to put an end to period poverty in Philadelphia. With just $7 you can cover the cost of period supplies for one cycle. Because a period shouldn't make anyone feel powerless. 

What is period poverty?

Period poverty is when someone is not able to access or afford period products like pads and tampons. When people don't have access to running water or toilets, the effects of period poverty can get worse.   


Living in period poverty may mean:   


Missing school, work, or job interviews

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Running away from homes/placements 


Having to choose between buying groceries or paying bills and buying period products 


Suffering from high levels of anxiety and depression 


Using unhealthy alternatives to period products 


No one should have to use these as a pad...

Period .

Without period products, people use other items such as rags, newspapers, socks, and even plastic bags. Using these items can lead to health problems such as UTIs and bacterial vaginosis (an overgrowth of bacteria). You can help make sure this doesn't happen.




The power
of a pad


They claimed their days back with help from No More Secrets MBS. Now they’re a voice for others living in period poverty. Hear how donated period products empowered these Philadelphia women.

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Lynette Medley founded No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc, alongside her daughter Nya McGlone in 2012 with the goal of ending period poverty in Philadelphia. Before the start of COVID-19, the organization delivered 3-month supplies of menstrual products to around 80 people each week. Now they are at nearly 300.   


In addition to deliveries, the mother-daughter duo have opened the world's first menstrual hub, the SPOT Period, providing menstrual health education and resources to the community. 

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No More Secrets MBS has also been recognized as Best of Philly's 2021 Wellness Organization.  


Lynette Medley
Founder, No More Secrets MBS

It's not just happening in other countries;
it’s happening in our own backyards.


Power a period.

100% of your donations go to ending period poverty. See how your donations can directly fund pads, tampons, and hygiene products for people in Philadelphia.


1 month of period products


3 month of period products


1 reusable menstrual cup

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